1. How have I never seen this? This is one of my all-time favorite songs ( I mean…'I'm tired of these small town boys—they don't move fast enough/ I'm gonna find me one who wears a leather jacket and likes his livin rough.' Does it get better?) but the video has so many things that are aesthetically important to me: diner waitresses, ladies driving sweet cars, over-sized denim jackets, jeans I can only assume are Z. Cavaricci, and Patty Loveless. Project this on my tombstone. 

  2. The original Fancy. Pre-Reba. Pre-Iggy. Babe to end all babes. Don’t get it twisted. 

  4. bikinipowerbottom:

    im not ashamed to admit that id let 26 year old Joe Biden hit it


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  5. A new Ken Burns documentary is like Christmas morning. 

  6. Here’s a cool thing I did in Louisiana. This is the only cool thing I did in Louisiana besides driving around pretending to be Rust Cohle. 

  7. Crossing fried gator off my bucket (meal) list 


  8. Premenstrual

    Just remembered the little boy who lost on Kids Jeopardy yesterday because he spelled “Emancipation Proclamation” wrong during Final Jeopardy and I got sad all over again. 

  9. Emmylou Harris — Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight

    Gotta roll on between the ditches

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  10. I’m going to East Texas next weekend for a project I’m working on—which means I’ll also be going to Louisiana, for no other reason than I can’t not go to Louisiana— and all I want to do this week is listen to biographical songs about bayou people. And alligators.

    Travel tip: always plan your road trip playlists a week in advance at minimum. I know y’all do this already. 

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